10 Luxe home improvement ideas

Want to get that luxe feel without having to move house? Here are 10 home improvement projects you can undertake to seriously upgrade the finish of your home. Get your home feeling less like a cheap motel and more like the penthouse you deserve.


  1.    Add statement lighting

Lighting is all about creating a mood. Give your bedroom a mood makeover by adding two hanging statement lamps, suspended from the ceiling. Not only will it give your home that chic industrial look, but it also frees up space on your bedside table.

  1.    Consider textured wallpaper

Wallpaper has had a serious makeover. It’s no longer the domain of your English Nan and is being favoured by home-style mavens everywhere. Head into your local, impeccably styled display home and you’ll find luxe, textured wallpaper adding a stylistic statement to an otherwise plain room. Modern wallpaper is easy to apply, easy to remove meaning it can evolve as your style does too.


  1.    Install a swing

Yes, a swing for your lounge room just like the one you had tied to a tree in your backyard growing up. Set it up in your favourite reading corner and give your home instant Instagram appeal (obviously works best with exposed beams!)

  1.    Conceal your TV

If you’d like your living room to be more ‘conversation pit’ and less ‘popcorn pit’, consider hiding your TV from sight. Attach matching canvases to sliding tracks and you can pop your wall-mounted TV out of view! Staring at your classy artwork, no one will suspect your 20 hour-a-week Netflix habit.

  1.    Built-in bookshelves

This project could set you back a pretty penny but it’s every book-lover’s dream. If you or your partner are handy, you could attempt this yourself (there are also some pretty cool Ikea hacks out there). Alternatively, save up and hire a carpenter to craft the library of your nerdy dreams.


  1.    Upgrade your shower head

It’s time to contact your local plumber & get that rainwater shower head of your dreams! A simple swap-out of your shower head can turn a quick daily task into a luxurious self-care ritual. Why should a hotel shower ever be better than your own?

  1.    Automate your appliances

This applies to the bathroom and the kitchen. With home automation striding along, have you considered how much easier life would be if you could turn on your bathroom heater, boil the kettle and get your curlers heating up…all from your bed? Welcome to 2018.


  1.    Upgrade your tap wear.

Nothing says luxe like sleek, on-trend taps. If your tap wear is more function over form, consider giving your kitchen a mini-makeover with this little swap out. You’ll be surprised by what a difference it can make!

  1.    Get a plumbed fridge.

This one…once you’ve had a plumbed fridge, it’s hard to go back. During a hot Aussie Summer, having ice and filtered water on demand is incredible. These days, plumbed fridges are much more affordable. Don’t have a connection? Don’t worry! Your local plumber should be able to assist quite easily.

  1.  Install a wine fridge

You may not be able to afford that below-ground cellar yet but that doesn’t mean you can’t install a quality wine fridge! By sacrificing a little cupboard space, you can ensure you collection is chilled to perfection. Who needs Tupperware when you can have wine, right?

Call For Plumbing Services – When?

When should you contact your local plumber? Should you just call for plumbing service when there is an emergency? While you call use emergency plumbing services from good plumbing companies, you can call your local plumber for any plumbing problems at home.

Professional plumbing services

In case the emergency plumbing need can wait in the morning, you may want to hole calling your plumber at night unless the problem needs immediate attention. Here are some plumbing problems you can call for a plumbing service.

Water leaks. Continuous leaks can be annoying and will eventually end up adding up to your water bill. Also, the leak may have already caused structural damage in your property. Once you call a professional plumber, he will be able to identify what pipe needs fixing or replacing and they will leave your home after they have stopped all leaks.

Clogged washbasin. If there is a clog in the washbasin and you don’t know how to reach it, you may want to call your local plumber so that they can fix and get rid of the clog right away. Professional plumbers mostly have little cameras and digital devices they can use to look inside the pipe so that they can know exactly where to fix the problem.

Plumbers also addressed different complicated fixture problems which are difficult for most homeowners. If you want a good plumber make sure to do some research for reputable plumbing service providers so that they can come to your home and help you with any of your plumbing emergencies.

Plumbing Situations That Calls For a Plumbing Expert

plumbing expertWith plenty of DIY videos available online, it is easy for someone to try to fix their plumbing on their own. However, in most cases, it is better to just give the job to a plumbing expert.

Home plumbing issues are mostly complex and there are various causes why they happen. If you are unsure about the issues of your plumbing system, it is best to call a reliable plumber to do the job for you. When your plumbing is experiencing the following contact your trusted plumber.

Losing water pressure

When there is the poor water pressure at the home, you may want to call a plumber to have it checked for you. There are different causes of poor water pressure and it may not be easy for you to determine the exact cause. Professional plumbers can find the source of the problem as they trained to do so and have specialized equipment to find and fix the problem.

Run out of hot water

Your hot water system is a machine with complex parts and it would be smart not to fix it on your own. The electrical or gas water system is connected with the plumbing system and if you damage a significant part would cost you more. To be on the safe side, call your plumber to fix your water heater.

Clogged pipes

It would be easy to consider fixing clogged pipes because there are liquid drain cleaners you can purchase in supermarkets. But in most cases, such remedies may bring more harm than good. When you know you have a clogged pipe that needs attention, ask your plumber to fix it for you.

Bathroom Renovation – Make A Checklist For Your Bathroom Project

bathroom renovation leichhardtAre you dreaming of having a spacious bathroom at your home, especially in your own room? Bathroom renovation, if not properly planned, can lead to disappointing results. Like any other task that is needed to be done, creating a checklist for a bathroom renovation is important.

Your checklist for your bathroom renovation should include your budget, the floor plan, the list of supplies you will need for the renovation, a timetable on when to finish, and of course if there are important legal considerations for the renovation project.

First, determine the overall cost of the renovation. Ask a professional for a quote that will include the electrical, heating and cooling system, plumbing, and drywall installation.

Second, determine if you are just going to be working with the existing space you have for the bathroom, or will create space for a bigger bathroom. You will need to make sure that all electrical wiring will not be displaced, plumbing or zoning regulations. Consider the space you want for your bathroom and draw your floor plan.

In creating your floor plan, you will need to put all the items that are already there. For example, the toilet is already a fixed item because of the plumbing. You may opt for different arrangements, different types of shelves, cabinetry and walls. If you intend to maximize the space you may also experiment with pocket doors, corner sinks, pedestal sinks, or floating sinks. You can also look for corner showers since it does not take a lot of space.

The list of supplies for your bathroom should be available and ready for use when your designer, installer or carpenter needs them. Some of the most common supplies will include sinks, flooring, countertops, wall tile, lighting, medicine cabinets, bathtubs, showers, cabinets and cabinet handles, wallpaper, chair, storage containers, and other things you think is necessary for your bathroom.

In case you are considering doing the project yourself, ask someone who knows about it like a carpenter or a designer on how much time you will need to complete the project. If you are hiring a contractor, discuss your floor plan and set a timetable that they can follow.

DIY Bathroom Renovation

If you decided to do the bathroom project yourself, plan your design according to the timetable you have set for yourself. You can begin by installing the sink and the shower on the weekend and a new bathroom accessory installation on the next. You do not have to rush your renovation so plan carefully. Prioritize the hardware first before painting the walls or installing the woodwork since you do not want to damage the work you have already done.

The legal considerations for renovating your bathroom should include acquiring a permit, paying necessary fees, your workers and you having insurance coverage, and keeping children out of the renovation area. Having a checklist will allow you to have a smooth sailing renovation with less stress.

Commercial Plumbing – What Do Commercial Plumbers Do?

commercial plumbing redbank plainsA building is not fully functional without a properly working plumbing system. When plumbing problems befall, you will have to rely on a commercial plumber to take care of your commercial plumbing problems.

Commercial plumbing service is necessary for businesses as they need to maintain clean drinking water and ensure safe disposal of waste. However, other plumbing problems such as clogged sinks, showers, and toilets will require immediate solution. There are different usage for plumbers when it comes to commercial buildings, here are some of them.

Emergency purposes. Most commercial plumbers do a lot of emergency work such as a water leak that can disrupt the establishment. When emergencies occur, these plumbers will come to the place and assess the problem. They will mostly prepare a quote to tell you how much the repair will cost you. Once everything is settled, they will mostly fix the emergency so that the premises will not get their business interrupted.

Installation and maintenance. Commercial plumbers are also involved in the installation and maintenance of large scale systems for large buildings, industries and different types of businesses. They will mostly be involved in providing installation and repair of pipes and mostly of clogged drains.

Most plumbers also conduct maintenance for commercial industries as this is a crucial part to maintain good business. A plumber will have to make certain that the drains of the establishment are clear of debris. They also have to maintain the local codes and regulations for commercial buildings when it comes to health regulations to ensure that the establishment is always at top standard.

Tips To Finding A Reliable Gas Fitting Service Provider

gas fitting ripleyHow do you find the right gas fitting company for your home or business? Here are some tips that you should follow if you want to find the right gas fitter.

Find a company that is licensed. Your fitter should be licensed. Unlicensed gas work in Australia is not just only illegal in many states and territories but it is also unsafe. When you choose a licensed plumber or gas fitter, you not only guarantee that your pipes or appliances are installed properly but your home or business is safe.

If you are not using a company that is not licensed, you are risking your property and even potentially leaving loved ones at risk. As such, we have to treat gas with the utmost respect they deserve and you are doing it a disservice by hiring someone who is working illegally.

Gas fitting regulations may differ from state to state, but certified companies mostly have a gasfitting card which proves that they have undergone training. You can also check their professional qualifications on Licensedtrades.com.au.

Is there a difference between a plumber and a gasfitter? While some plumbers offer gas fitting services, but an individual gasfitter cannot offer any plumbing services. They can only offer mostly appliance installation and maintenance. While they are qualified gas fitters, they do not have any plumbing qualifications. What they can mostly work on are mainly about the gas systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

You might also find businesses indicating that they are offering plumbing and gas fitting services, but what you should be aware of is that gas fitting offers a different training program and qualification requirement from pure plumbing. While some tradies can undertake extra studies to be a professional for both plumbing and gasfitting, you have to be careful with the person you choose. If a professional says, they are both qualified as a plumber and gas fitter better make sure to see that they are licensed for both.

What To Do In Case Of A Gas Appliance Emergency?

gas fitting leichhardtWe mostly want new working appliances to be installed properly. And we love using our new appliance to know what more it can do for us. But over time, the excitement wanes and we just want for it to just turn on and turn off every time we use it without further thought.

But what happens when the appliance suddenly does not work? Who should you call in your times of need?

To make sure that your gas appliances work properly, you need to have a regular maintenance by a qualified gas fitting. This will ensure the longevity of your appliance and the best service that it could giver home.

How to hire a gas fitting company?

When hiring the right contractor, make sure that they are registered and experienced. Whether you want regular servicing for your business or home. They should be able to provide the right kind of service no matter what type or brand of gas appliance you have.

What to do in case of a gas appliance emergency?

Call a professional. Although it can be very tempting to just Google or watch YouTube and find a possible solution to your appliance issue, this is dangerous and should not be tempted. While you think a gas appliance is just simple and you can learn it easily by just watching DIY videos, but it mostly contains different components that only a registered gas fitter or plumbing should handle.

It is for you and your family’s safety that you should only rely on a certified gas fitting when it comes to properly maintaining your appliances.