Bathroom Renovation – Make A Checklist For Your Bathroom Project

bathroom renovation leichhardtAre you dreaming of having a spacious bathroom at your home, especially in your own room? Bathroom renovation, if not properly planned, can lead to disappointing results. Like any other task that is needed to be done, creating a checklist for a bathroom renovation is important.

Your checklist for your bathroom renovation should include your budget, the floor plan, the list of supplies you will need for the renovation, a timetable on when to finish, and of course if there are important legal considerations for the renovation project.

First, determine the overall cost of the renovation. Ask a professional for a quote that will include the electrical, heating and cooling system, plumbing, and drywall installation.

Second, determine if you are just going to be working with the existing space you have for the bathroom, or will create space for a bigger bathroom. You will need to make sure that all electrical wiring will not be displaced, plumbing or zoning regulations. Consider the space you want for your bathroom and draw your floor plan.

In creating your floor plan, you will need to put all the items that are already there. For example, the toilet is already a fixed item because of the plumbing. You may opt for different arrangements, different types of shelves, cabinetry and walls. If you intend to maximize the space you may also experiment with pocket doors, corner sinks, pedestal sinks, or floating sinks. You can also look for corner showers since it does not take a lot of space.

The list of supplies for your bathroom should be available and ready for use when your designer, installer or carpenter needs them. Some of the most common supplies will include sinks, flooring, countertops, wall tile, lighting, medicine cabinets, bathtubs, showers, cabinets and cabinet handles, wallpaper, chair, storage containers, and other things you think is necessary for your bathroom.

In case you are considering doing the project yourself, ask someone who knows about it like a carpenter or a designer on how much time you will need to complete the project. If you are hiring a contractor, discuss your floor plan and set a timetable that they can follow.

DIY Bathroom Renovation

If you decided to do the bathroom project yourself, plan your design according to the timetable you have set for yourself. You can begin by installing the sink and the shower on the weekend and a new bathroom accessory installation on the next. You do not have to rush your renovation so plan carefully. Prioritize the hardware first before painting the walls or installing the woodwork since you do not want to damage the work you have already done.

The legal considerations for renovating your bathroom should include acquiring a permit, paying necessary fees, your workers and you having insurance coverage, and keeping children out of the renovation area. Having a checklist will allow you to have a smooth sailing renovation with less stress.